National Employment Lawyers Association Referral Service (NELARS): The NELA/NY referral service was established as a public service so individuals with a need will have the ability to find knowledgeable lawyers in the area of employment law.  NELARS is the only lawyer referral service in the state dedicated exclusively to helping people find attorneys who are experienced in employee rights.
  • Are you having a problem at work? 
  • Do you think you are not being treated fairly at work? 
  • Do you have questions about your rights as an employee? 
  • Do you want to Know Your Rights in the Workplace?
NELARS attorneys can help with:
  • Discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  • Disability discrimination (includes AIDS and HIV) and failure to reasonably accommodate
  • Employment contracts and restrictive covenants
  • Wage and hour issues, such as minimum wage and overtime
  • Employment compensation (bonuses, commissions
  • Family Medical Leave Act and sick leave
  • Government employment
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Duty of fair representation
  • Employee benefits
  • Employment in academia
  • Professional discipline and licensure
  • Regulated investment professionals
  • Workers compensation
  • Defamation and other torts
  • Whistleblowers: Dodd-Frank, SOX 
We can help you find a lawyer who can listen to you, give you advice, and, if needed, who will represent you as your legal advocate/lawyer.
How Can I Find an Experienced Attorney? Call (212) 819-9450/or Email:
How much does a consultation cost?

FREE! Our attorneys will not charge you for a 15 minute consultation!

A single consultation can help you evaluate your situation and give you important information that will help you decide the most appropriate course of action.
Speak with a lawyer before you do something that may get you in trouble.  Though your experience at work may be trying, frustrating or even frightening, speaking with a trained lawyer may help you achieve a resolution you never thought possible.
 When you phone or email us we request that you clearly and slowly:
  1. State your name;
  2. Say your phone number twice to make sure we get it;
  3. Let us know what times are best for us to call you back; and
  4. Do not tell us about your reason for calling when you leave a message.
Someone will call you back as soon as we can.  While we try, calls are usually not returned immediately.  Most calls are returned between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  If requested, calls can be returned outside of regular hours. 
Supervising Attorney: Magdalena Barbosa
Administrator: Milly Thomas

90 Broad Street
Room 210
New York, NY 10004

(212) 819-9450

The National Employment Lawyers Association – New York Chapter operates a lawyer referral service, the National Employment Lawyers Association Referral Service or “NELARS.”  However, NELA NY does not itself provide legal advice.  NELA NY is not responsible as an organization for advice received by anyone from anyone you may contact from this site, including any attorney(s) you are referred to through NELARS.  By using this site;, and/or by using NELARS, you are agreeing that under no circumstances will the organization, NELA NY or any lawyer listed on this site be responsible for (1) any information contained on or omitted from this site, and (2) any person’s reliance on any such information and the consequences of any action taken in reliance on such information provided by or as a result of this website.  NELA NY is not responsible for any person’s satisfaction with any lawyer referred through NELARS, the results of any advice provided by a NELARS referred lawyer, or the failure or refusal of any such attorney to respond or consult with you.  Should members of the public choose to contact an attorney from this site (via electronic mail or other means of communication), or through NELARS, they are advised not to disclose information they regard to be confidential until the NELA NY attorney verifies that the firm does not represent other firms or entities involved in the matter and that the firm is willing to consider accepting representation.